Beyoncé Has Shattered A Spotify Streaming Record

All hail Queen Bey.
Aside from being the world’s most powerful, recognizable and critically-acclaimed mainstream musician, Beyoncé can add another shattered record into her arsenal of plaudits. MTV UK has noted that the “Love Draught” singer has become the first artist in history to have three of her albums receive over a billion streams on Spotify.
Her 2011 effort 4 was recently recognized for topping one billion streams, effectively helping her earn this special designation. The album has now joined I Am…Sasha Fierce and BEYONCÉ, while her singles “Love on Top” and “Run the World (Girls)” each having accumulated a combined total of over 400 million streams, which is pretty impressive for an album that saw none of its promoted singles reach the top ten of the Billboard Hot 100.
What is more impressive is how the songstress doesn’t even have her full catalogue on Spotify. She co-owns TIDAL with husband Jay-Z, and as of today, is still withholding her seminal album Lemonade from every other streaming service. Furthermore, it took a full calendar year for her self-titled album to become available on Spotify, but that has not deterred subscribers from hitting play; in fact, the singer nets a monthly listenership of over 31 million.
This news comes shortly after the music/cultural icon unveiled a collection of Valentine’s Day themed merchandise. There is no stopping the undeniable force that is Beyoncé.

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