Cardi B Expresses Elation About Dominican Republic Nomination

Cardi B and her family are excited about her Premios Soberano 2018 nomination.
Cardi B appears to be incredibly humbled regarding her recent nomination to the Dominican Republic’s Premios Soberano 2018 award ceremony. Her recent Instagram post shares what seems to be the moment her cousin shared the news of the nomination with Cardi.
The Bronx rapper has a notable Dominican background, stating that some of her father’s relatives don’t even speak English. Cardi has seen tremendous success with her 2017 single “Bodak Yellow,” which she remixed with a Messiah feature for a Spanish audience in August. The rapper has also featured on Ozuna’s “La Modelo,” impressively spitting bars in Spanish on a dancehall-inspired beat.
Cardi hopes to be able to attend the ceremony to celebrate her nomination in the Popular Artists or Groups Featured Abroad category. After a slightly controversial post landing Cardi in hot water with L.A. gangs, the singer gets back on track here, celebrating her immense 2017.
The nomination solidifies Cardi’s connection with a Spanish-speaking audience as she has previously worried that, because of her English rhymes, the DR would not get behind her. If this isn’t proof enough that her family’s native country doesn’t mess with her, we don’t know of anything else that could get her there.

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