Cardi B Freaks Out After Jennifer Lopez Covers "Bodak Yellow" During Concert

Cardi B is living the Bronx girl’s dream right now.
For the better part of eight months now, Cardi B has been pretty well inescapable. This is mostly to do with her hit single “Bodak Yellow,” a trap tune that has captivated an entire nation through rhymes that sometimes end in “bloody shoes.” That, coupled with Cardi’s irrepressible positivity and charisma, has led to a whole bunch of celebrities getting down to her signature song. However, no one could prepare Bardi for the celeb shout-out she got from a certain Jenny from the Block.
Jennifer Lopez, herself a trailblazer for women in R&B and hip-hop, covered Cardi B’s best-known single on-stage during her Las Vegas live show recently, with multiple videos of the performance surfacing on social media after the fact and users across all platforms tagging the “Bodak” rapper in the process. Well, Cardi has seen the videos and, suffice it to say, is freaking the f**k out about them.
Reposting one of the videos to her official Instagram page, Cardi captioned it with a message of effusive joy: “This is a Bronx girl dream :’)I just can’t believe I.T.” It’s a proud moment in the career of a rapper like Bardi who, by her own admission, had a tough go of things early on in her music carer. However, things have certainly panned out in the best possible way for her, and this performance from J-Lo is likely the sweetest cherry-on-top moment ever.
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