Cardi B’s Recent Gang Threats Forces Nightclubs To Beef Up Security

Following Cardi B’s recent gang threats on Instagram, a few nightclubs are beefing up their security for her hosting gigs next weekend in LA.
In case you missed it earlier this week, Cardi B was on the receiving end of some gang threats after she sent out an Instagram post of her rocking a blue fur coat and referencing the word “flue” instead of blue in her caption. The wordplay was taken as a diss by the crips and Cardi in the past has been vocal about her affiliation with the bloods so they didn’t let this slide. Cardi saw her comments get flooded with not only angry comments, but straight up threats from some crips and gang members.
With that said, it looks like Cardi’s upcoming club appearances are beefing up their security to make sure everyone stays safe. Next weekend, Cardi will be out in Los Angeles for this year’s NBA All-Star weekend where she’s scheduled to host at 3 different night clubs, including Murano, Penthouse and Ace of Diamonds.
TMZ reports that three clubs have already tripled the number of armed security guards they’d normally have on staff, and they’ve also put some off-duty cops on the payroll, who’ll be in uniform at the clubs. Sources also say club management held an emergency meeting Wednesday to discuss how to handle the situation.
For what it’s worth, Cardi’s reportedly getting around $250k for the Friday, Saturday and Sunday night hosting duties, and cancelling doesn’t look to be an option for anyone. So the club owners are just taking extra precautionary measures for everyone’s sake.

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