Cassper Nyovest Reveals The Reason Many Rappers Fall Off

Rap mogul Cassper Nyovest has revealed the reason so many rappers fall off. Cassper was sharing advise to his fellow rappers on social media.

He wrote in a tweet, “Sooo many rappers and artist’s downfall is fear. Some of them try new things when it’s far too late then it looks weird cause we already put you in a box. Rather set the tone by tryin things from the beginning of your career. #JustAlilAdvice,”.

Cassper also encouraged musicians not to be afraid of losing fans, money, friends and popularity in search of the bigger picture. He wrote, “As an artist you must never be scared of losing fans,money,popularity,friends or anything gained along the way while making art from your eye because then you’re not living your full truth. If you changed to be loved then you love to be changed. Do you my nigga!! It’s your pen!,”

Cassper has also teased fans on 4 new singles with “K’sazoba Lit” being the most likely to be his next single.

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