Common Says Kanye West Deserves To Name His Child Chicago

Common is all for Kanye naming his child after their hometown Windy City.
On Friday, Kim Kardashian sent shockwaves throughout the media world when she revealed the name of her 3rd child Chicago, named after her husband, Kanye West’s, hometown city in Illinois. While many people think it’s pretty ridiculous name and just the most Kanye thing ever, fellow Chi-town legend and homie, Common, is all for it.
On Friday, TMZ caught up with Common while at LAX where they asked him what his thoughts about Kanye naming his child after their Windy City. Common, who appeared to be entertained after first finding out, had this to say about it:
“I love it. That’s incredible. First of all, that’s my family Kanye and Kim. So for him he deserves to be able to name his child Chicago for as much as he does for our city and as much as he loves our city. And that’s a fresh name for a kid. I love it man,” Common says before later confirming that Kanye is a legend in the city.
Just earlier in the week, Kanye was spotted walking into the studio just a day after the baby was born, and he ironically said he didn’t have a name yet, and was asking for suggestions. “Can’t think of a name you know what I’m sayin’,” he tells the crew. Then one of the camera guys suggested if it was a girl to name her Donda, which he responded with, “oh that’s fire.”

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