Fabulous Lashes Out And Threatens Emily B And Her Father In New Video

Fabulous Lashes Out And Threatens Emily B And Her Father In New Video

Shortly after Fabolous’ arrest for allegedly assaulting his longtime girlfriend Emily Bustamante, video has emerged showing the Brooklyn rapper yelling and making threats while brandishing a sharp object.

The footage, obtained by TMZ, starts with Fabolous yelling at Emily B’s father. “Don’t ever come around me ever again,” he says.

The man also yells at Fabolous in the video. “That’s my motherfuckin’ daughter, you fuckin’ coward,” he says. “You a coward.”

A bodyguard attempts to restrain Fabolous, while another bodyguard appears to hold Emily B’s father back. Their argument continues with Fabolous saying that “a fuckin’ bullet got your name on it.” The rapper also points a sharp object at Emily, who moves away when he steps toward her.

The couple has two children together, Johan, 10, and Jonas, 2. It’s unclear whether they were in the house at the time of the incident, but the video includes a child’s cries in the background.

The incident reportedly took place on Wednesday (March 28) and resulted in Fabolous’ arrest. He was booked for aggravated assault and making a terroristic threat after turning himself in.

Additionally, Bustamante claims that Fabolous punched her seven times in the face, severely damaging two of her front teeth on March 7.

Fabolous has yet to address the matter directly, but his longtime lawyer Alberto Ebanks discussed the newly-released video in a statement. “This is only an argument,” he said. “There certainly is no crime being committed. If what you see in the video were a crime, we’d have to build more jails.”

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