The Game Buys A New Lamborghini, His Mother Doesn't Understand Why

The Game cops a new set of wheels, much to the chagrin of his mother.
When you like a certain kind of thing – be it a car, sneakers, electronics or clothing – sometimes it’s like a craving that takes over your entire being. There’s no way to explain that you don’t need another one or might be spending too much money to add to your collection of sameness; for some folks, it doesn’t matter. If this sounds like you, then you might have something in common with The Game.
The Cali-based rapper shared a picture on his Instagram earlier today of his latest automotive purchase: a white Lamborghini. Looking pristine both inside and out, it will surely be an eye-catching addition to his growing whip collection. However, if you’re thinking that The Game already owns several Lambos and may or may not be stockpiling them in the event of some upcoming sports car shortage that the world knows nothing about, then you’re not wrong, at least according to the rapper’s mother.

In the caption to the photo, The Game recounted a phone conversation he had with his mom, one that included a bewildered response when he told her he bought another Lamborghini. “She said, ‘Now why on earth do you need another Lamborghini,'” he explained. “I said, ‘It’s a different model… she said, ‘Guess you like your cars like your thanksgiving dates… different models.'” It’s a pretty great line about what she clearly thinks is more of a fixation than a casual interest in that particular brand of vehicle.

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