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Gigi Lamayne Hunts for Stylist After Social Media Backlash - Mp3-Music Gigi Lamayne Hunts for Stylist After Social Media Backlash - Mp3-Music

Gigi Lamayne Hunts for Stylist After Social Media Backlash

After being insulted and body shamed over her dress sense on Twitter, rapper Gigi Lamayne has decided to turn the criticism into a positive by finding a stylist.
Gigi found herself trending on Monday after, a still picture from her music video with Miss Pru was ripped to shreds by trolls, who claimed the star looked like a “sex toy from Japan,” and was posting provocative pictures to save her music career.
The incident inspired an idea that could land a stylist the opportunity to dress the rapper.
“My team and I figured, since people are already talking about my style, I might as well use that opportunity to get a stylist. They trolled me on Twitter, so I am in turn using Twitter to see what the stylists there have to offer. Investing in fresh talent to create a style that suits my brand, and giving out employment.”
Gigi’s team was handling the entire process to ensure that the top five stylists, who get the chance to dress her are the best bunch.
The rapper explained that after the lucky five are selected, there would be a photoshoot from which the voting process would begin. Fans will choose their favourite look for Gigi and whoever put the attire together will join Gigi’s team.
She told TshisaLIVE she already received over a thousand entries from enthusiastic stylists.
“I’ve had stylists on call for projects but never for the brand of Gigi Lamayne. So, because it would be for projects, sometimes it wouldn’t totally reflect who I am. Twitter was right. Sometimes I ain’t as comfortable in some looks, like some of the revealing clothes and stuff just don’t work, it isn’t who I am. So I am looking for fresh ideas that will compliment my brand.”
Gigi made it clear that she would never condone body shaming and that she chose to find an opportunity in the unfortunate incident.

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