Iggy Azalea's New "Savior" Single Featuring Quavo Is Coming Soon

Iggy Azalea’s New “Savior” Single Featuring Quavo Is Coming Soon

Digital Distortion became the album that never was in 2017, but Australian beauty Iggy Azalea is getting right back to the grindstone early this year with a new single called “Savior” featuring Migos rapper Quavo.
The song is likely to appear on her recently renamed upcoming LP Surviving The Summer, which hopefully can reach store shelves in the coming months.
A demo version of “Savior” leaked in December featuring Verse Simmonds, but Iggy announced earlier today that Quavo will appear on the finished product during a press event with Monster, while also revealing a tentative release date of February 1st.
Iggy teased the song on Instagram a few weeks ago while dancing up and down the aisle of an airplane in a clip that can be seen below.


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