Jay-Z's "4:44" Made It To Jeopardy

This time, the contestant actually got it.
Whether it’s due to the categories going viral or just a general acknowledgment of hip-hop’s cultural influences, rap has been showing up a lot more on Jeopardy. Last year, Kanye West’s The Life Of Pablo an answer (question?) on the show, but no one could come up with the title. In November, Rae Sremmurd’s “Lit Like Bic” was also featured, but again the contestants were hilariously clueless. This week, Jay-Z made his way to Alex Trebek’s show, and someone actually got it right this time!

“4:44,” the 2017 album by this rapper, debuted exclusively on the Tidal music service also owned by this rapper.
An easy one for any hip-hop fan for sure, but you’d be surprised these supposedly “smart” people miss when it comes to rap.
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Last year, host Alex Trebek got some attention when he made a hilariously out-of-character comment about a contestants love of “Nerdcore Hip-Hop.” After the contestant finished an elaborate description of the kind of person that listens to the niche genre, Trebek followed with, “Losers, in other words.” You have to see it to believe it.
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Jay-Z’s 4:44 was released in 2016 to glowing reviews. The rapper recently wrapped up a tour in support of the album. It grossed nearly $45 million despite initial reports of low ticket sales.

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