Joey Bada$$ Claims "Rap Is In A Very Trash State" Right now

Is Joey Bada$$ speaking the truth?
The appeal around Joey Bada$$ when he first emerged was the fact that he was a young kid with an authentic feel of 90’s hip hop. From his choice of production to his wordplay and flows, his music appeals to an older audience as well as a younger one. In the midst of an era of hip hop where many claim that lyricism has died, Joey Bada$$ is one of a few rappers who prove otherwise. The rapper recently hit Twitter to air out his feelings towards the current state of hip hop and he doesn’t seem to fond about what’s going on in the genre currently.
“Rap is in a very trash state rn with very few exceptions that don’t even get the love and attention that they deserve.” The rapper tweeted earlier today, “Like where’s y’all n*ggas soul at???” It doesn’t seem like there’s a particular rapper he’s aiming these tweets at but his tweets seem to be much deeper than the state of rap.
“Music is the most influential force in the world.” He wrote, “Pay attention to what’s being over saturated. It says something about the generation. Sound is vibration.”
There’s been criticisms in the past on Atlanta and trap music’s sound dominating what’s going on in hip hop. However, Joey Bada$$ concluded his stream of tweets with “Ok goodnight I’m gonna go make a trap record.” Which may be a joke but Joey Bada$$ has shown love to trap music in the past and he’s also proved his versatility as an emcee on several occasions.
Check out his tweets below.

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