Judge Gives Tekashi 6ix9nine One Final Chance To Pass GED

Tekashi 6ix9nine better start binge watching Bill Nye The Science Guy.
Controversial rapper Tekashi 6ix9nine is currently free to walk the streets, but the “GUMMO” artist can still potentially wind up serving a prison sentence of up to three years, which stemmed after he plead guilty to the use of a child in a sex performance. However, Tekashi’s plea deal came with an interesting, Billy-Madison-esque caveat – in order to avoid jail time, the rapper was required to pass his GED. However, unlike the heroic everyman Billy, Tekashi apparently failed the test, as reported by feminist blog Jezebel.
The news came during his sentencing hearing on Monday (January 29th), and while Tekashi was originally facing jail time if he failed, the young rapper was given one more chance by judge Felicia Mennin. Apparently, Tekashi’s attorney asked for an adjournment in the trial, as 6ix 9nine needed more time to prepare. This request prompted judge Mennin to ask “what’s the problem?” Tekashi’s lawyer proceeded to explain that Tekashi had struggled with the test, but the judge wasn’t exactly sympathetic to his academic woes. “”This case has been happening since 2015,” Mennin reportedly stated. “This is ridiculous.”
Tekashi humbly admitted to passing every section of the GED, except for the science portion, which he promised he would retake. The judge decided to show mercy, giving the rapper “one last chance.” The sentencing hearing has been officially adjourned to April 10th, giving Tekashi plenty of time to hit the books. Somebody get this man a tutor – his very freedom hangs in the balance.

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