Justin Bieber Involved In Car Accident In West Hollywood

Justin Bieber’s G Class Mercedes was rear ended Friday night in Hollywood.

It looks Justin Bieber was involved in a little car accident on Friday night. TMZ reports that Bieber was driving down Sunset Boulevard just before 9 PM in West Hollywood when his G-Class Mercedes was rear-ended by a white Range Rover.

Thankfully no one was injured, and it appear to be a routine fender bender. Law enforcement say that the OnStar system from one of the vehicles alerted them to the crash. Once they arrived, police stood by Bieber while he and the other driver exchanged info, but cops reportedly didn’t take a report.

Bieber was alone by himself at that time of the accident, but that’s quite the opposite to his dating life recently. Just a couple days ago, Bieber was spotted hanging out with model Baskin Champion at a Craig David concert in LA this week. You might be thinking what happened to him and Selena Gomez? Well they broke up a few weeks ago, and JB has already moved on it appears.

We’ll keep you posted if any further information surfaces about this accident. In the meantime, check out some photos of the collision right here, and a clip from a fan (below).


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