Justin Timberlake Invites Super Bowl "Selfie Kid" To Boston Show

Justin Timberlake calls the Super Bowl “Selfie Kid” on Ellen to link up at his upcoming Boston concert.
The Super Bowl half time show is always one of the most anticipated musical performances of the year, with this year’s edition featuring Justin Timberlake. Perhaps the most infamous moment of the show was JT’s interaction with 13-year-old Ryan McKenna, AKA “Selfie Kid.”
Recently invited to hang with Ellen DeGeneres on her talk show, the emotional McKenna received a phone call from the Super Bowl performer, prompting a formal meeting between the two at Timberlake’s upcoming TD Garden concert. Visibly overwhelmed, the viral phenomenon “Selfie Kid” thanked JT and Ellen crying, “Thank you so much, oh my God.” The former NSYNC pop star will be going on tour to promote his new album Man of the Woods, which boasts an Alicia Keys feature and production from Timbaland and The Neptunes. After attending the Super Bowl and appearing in the now-famous selfie, Ryan McKenna was a strong point of the Sunday game, aside from the Eagles’ impressive underdog win.
On top of Timberlake’s offer to meet in Boston, DeGeneres presented “Selfie Kid” with VIP tickets to a 2018 New England Patriots game, as well as pre-game field passes for his family. From snapping pics with JT at the Super Bowl to being personally invited to the pop star’s concert, “Selfie Kid” has got to be the most popular kid at his school.

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