This Is Kevin Gates' First Instagram Post Since Being Released From Prison

Kevin Gates is back on that social media grind.
After much anticipation, Kevin Gates fans got to rejoice with their idol earlier today, following the rapper’s release from the Illinois penitentiary that he had spent the past nine months in. He had been locked up serving a 30-month sentence following a weapons charge that had dogged him for sometime before. Now, Gates is back among the free and, unsurprisingly, wanted to announce his rebirth via social media.
Sharing a picture with the text “I’m Him” written across the center, Gates bottled up his elation and determination following his release and expressed it succinctly with this post. His supporters come through in droves in the comments section, with hundreds of “welcome home” or “welcome back” wishes dotting this return to the Instagram fray. Check it out below.
As we reported earlier this morning, Gates will be under mandatory supervision while he’s out on parole and won’t be allowed to possess any firearms at any time. Additionally, he’ll most definitely be under very close scrutiny in the first few weeks that he’s out of jail, given that the last time he tried to leave prison, in March of last year, he was booked on the weapons charge that got him put behind bars this time.
Prior to last March, Gates had been serving time for kicking a woman during one of his live shows. There are no concrete plans on how or when Gates might get himself back into things musically but, seeing as his output remained strong even while he was in jail, new material can’t be that far behind.

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