Kim Kardashian Celebrates Saturday With Breast Selfie

Kim Kardashian West swags out in gold jewelry for the ‘gram.
Following the unfortunate Paris robbery, Kim Kardashian West slowed down her social media accounts to focus on building a family with Kanye West, sharing, and certainly flaunting, less. The birth of her and Ye’s third child Chicago West appears to have reinstilled in her a desire to flaunt her belongings, and especially her jewelry for her 107+ million Instagram followers.
Captioning her picture as “Hey Saturday,” Kim celebrates the weekend, posing in a revealing, low-cut sweater with over five gold chains around her neck and a big, old flashy ring. Sporting a “Pablo” necklace in support of her husband, whose most recent musical effort was titled The Life of Pablo, KKW is back to her old ways of showing off her glitzy Calabasas lifestyle. An understated religious medallion and an elegant Yeezy chain top off the ensemble. Kim has been on a recent Instagram tear, showing off her body and reminding the world of her ability to create instantly-iconic looks.
No stranger to controversy, Kardashian West famously took a break from the spotlight after being robbed at gunpoint in October 2016 during a trip to Paris. We’re glad to see Kim back in her comfort zone as her Instagram thirst traps are a classic staple of her personality and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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