Kodak Black Is Reportedly Locked Up In Solitary Confinement

Kodak Black has been moved to the hole while he awaits trial.

A report obtained by TMZ, makes claims of rapper Kodak Black spending the next 30 days in solitary confinement for breaking yard rules. It appears he used the main prison phone to contact someone with whom he was not supposed to speak.

Kodak, who has been in a Florida jail since January when law enforcement raided his home. His lawyer has gone on record, claiming that police had tampered with evidence during the visit. Law enforcement was likely tipped off by a number of alarming posts the rapper had posted on social media, one of which showing his infant child sitting in a cache of firearms.

Kodak is facing felony charges of theft, firearm possession, drug possession, and violation of probation. We’ll have to wait on a further deliberation of his rights. For the next 30 days at least, he’ll have make due with his hands and knees. Solitary consists of a regular meal plan passed through a shutter, a narrow beam of light, and the best interior monologue he’s got to offer.

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