Larry Nassar Sentenced To 175 Years In Prison After Years Of Sexual Abuse

“You do not deserve to walk outside of a prison ever again.”
The disgraced former Olympian doctor, Larry Nassar, who sexually abused nearly 160 young women has been sentenced to 175 years in jail. The news comes after Larry was already sentenced to 60 years for having child pornography. After seven days of his victims addressing him in court, Judge Rosemarie Aquilina made her final decision.
“As much as it was my honour and privilege to hear the sister survivors, it was my honour and privilege to sentence you,” Rosemarie said in court. “Because, sir, you do not deserve to walk outside of a prison ever again. You have not owned yet what you did. I wouldn’t send my dogs to you, sir.” Adding, “I’ve just signed your death warrant”.
Larry was given the opportunity to make a statement in court, where he said the following: “What I am feeling pales in comparison to the pain, trauma, and emotional destruction that all of you are feeling. There are no words to describe the depth and breadth of how sorry I am for what has occurred.”
Before his verbal statement, the judge read aloud a letter from Larry where he stood by his medical care and accused the women of lying.
“I was a good doctor because my treatments worked, and those patients that are now speaking out are the same ones that praised and came back over and over,” Larry wrote. “The media convinced them that everything I did was wrong and bad. They feel I broke their trust. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.”

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