New Tupac Shakur Murder Details To Surface In Upcoming Docuseries

Never-before-seen video footage from the label’s vault will also be shown as part of the series.
Tupac Shakur’s murder has become one of the best-known unsolved cold cases in pop culture history. Gunned down in Las Vegas in 1996, the legendary rapper’s slaying has been the subject of various conspiracy theories, even from those who were involved with that night. Suge Knight has even claimed he was the real target in the shooting, not ‘Pac. With all this in mind, a new BET docuseries about the once-powerful Death Row label will seek to shed some new light on the subject of the rapper’s death, with new information to bring to the conversation.
According to Billboard, part of the docuseries, which is titled Death Row Chronicles, will feature “a first-hand interview from someone who witnessed the murder.” The television event, which airs its first two parts on February 20th, will also feature some never-before-seen footage from the record label’s vaults, although there’s not telling exactly what those images will depict. Based on the sneak peek for the docuseries, which you can watch here, the different parts will consist of in-person interviews and recreations of real-life events, along with the archival footage.
Of course, Death Row is famous for its lawless persona, which was conjured up almost entirely by Knight, the CEO of the label during its glory days. Hostile and sometimes viciously so, he was a man who took pleasure in ruling with an iron-fisted thug mentality. While his methods ultimately led, at least in part, to the demise of Death Row as a powerhouse in the music industry, he was one of the most powerful men in rap music for a good chunk of the genre’s “golden age.”
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