Six Months Later; Who Is The Better Artist, Mr P or Rudeboy?

Six Months Later; Who Is The Better Artist, Mr P or Rudeboy

The split between the duo singers Psquare has posited itself as one of the biggest scandals of the Nigerian entertainment industry. People hoped for it to be one of their usual squabbles, some cried, fasted and even prayed that the duo be reunited in music. Well, its six months and reality has won the battle and thus the question begs “So far, who is the better artist?”

Shortly after they pulled the plug on their musical relationship, each party was beyond eager to promote their individual brands with Peter as Mr. P and Paul as Rudeboy. Mr. P who was accused by his twin of not being the brain behind the creation of their hit songs plunged into the limelight to prove he was more than just a dancer and a backup singer and thus he released his first solo Cool it down and soon after came For my head which were hits to an extent in their own rights. With these songs it becomes safe to say that he broke free from his brother’s shadow and to prove that he has been responsible for most if not all of the R&B jams like No one like you, Temptation, Ifunanya and the rest of them. The videos of “Cool It Down” and “For My Head” are nothing short of amazing given Mr. P’s choreographic abilities. However, his ability to make groovy party starters are still very much in doubt. I mean, in Nigeria, we don’t always want to listen to romantic meaningful music, sometimes we just want the meaningless danceable songs and this is where Rudeboy comes in.

Eager to prove to the world that his ideas are what pushed Psquare to the limelight, Rudeboy released Nkenji Keke and Fire Fire. Listening to the songs, one could hardly tell that Mr. P was absent in the music. It feels like Rudeboy has been Psquare all along. The both songs have been confirmed to be party jams with the right beats to set your hips a’whining. However, when paid close attention to, one realizes that Rudeboy’s songs have absolutely no meaning at all. Take Fire Fire for instance, how does one sing Halleluyah and then asks a girl to dance and scatter the floor and for her to be Fire-ing. Yeah, we don’t think the Lord God is down with that shit.

Statistically, Rudeboy pulls the most crowd because he produces the type of music that Nigerians crave and as unfair as it may sound, that razzmatazz is going to push him farther than his twin but deciding which party does better than the other is solely dependent on whoever wants to know. If you are a lover of R&B, a lover of meaningful music, a romantic at heart, then Mr. P is going to be your choice but if you are all for the dancing songs with little or no meaning, then you should be all for Rudeboy.

But that of course is just our opinion, what say you?

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