Our Take On The 60th GRAMMY Awards

Our Take On The 60th GRAMMY Awards

The 60th Grammy awards have come and gone, but it left us with epic memories, like when Rihanna did the Gwara gwara dance while performing hit song “Wild thoughts” or Blue Ivy’s conservative moment. It is definitely one of Hollywood’s biggest nights. But surprisingly, the winning list was not what was expected, while Jay-z paraded as one of the top nominees on Sunday night, Kendrick Lamar and Bruno Mars were the top winners of the night.Bruno Mars walked away with six awards including record of the year, which is seemingly questionable, considering the fact that “Despacito” tied for the longest running billboard 100 chart topper, more over a win in this category would have resonated America’s debate over immigration reform.In the end, the night had it’s highs and lows.

Check Out The List Of Top Winners For The Night

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