Tekashi 6ix9ine Taunts YG Following Spiteful Diss Video

All is not good and well between fellow Bloods 6ix9ine & YG.

In what is turning into a heated battle of the Bloods, YG has more to say about New York’s Tekashi 6ix9ine. Following an appearance on The Breakfast Club today where he spoke about rolling with both Crips and Bloods, 6ix9ine is continuing to get hated on from all sides of the world. Currently the most polarizing rapper in the industry, 6ix9ine is hated by most, loved by some and fascinating to all. His every move is captured and finely critiqued by many with fellow rappers now taking notice and chiming in. YG previously co-signedThe Game’s hateful message to Tekashi, and now the Compton product is clearing his mind further.

“On Bompton, piru n—a, f-ck 6ix9ine n—a. On Bloods. What’s happening, Blood?” exclaimed YG in a profanity-laden video posted to Instagram. While YG previously remained tight-lipped on the self-proclaimed “King of New York’s” gang drama aside from his comment on The Game’s IG post, the OG-Blood affiliated rapper is fully ready to take aim at the “GUMMO” rapper. Both YG and The Game have issues with Tekashi claiming Blood status, calling him a “fake Blood” and exposing him for his shady gang ties. Tekashi fired back, taunting YG for letting his emotions get the better of him. “Lol he big mad,” commented 6ix9ine on the original post, mocking YG further.


Controversy appears to imbue within 6ix9ine, feeding him the energy to perform his screaming tracks in the studio. He claimed in an interview with Montreality that all the hate he receives merely fuels him to perform at a higher standard. It doesn’t look like this beef will end anytime soon as we continue to keep an eye on both parties.

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