The Dream Confirms Legitimacy Of Leaked Travis Scott Collab "Ecstasy"

The Dream sheds some light on a recent Travis Scott leak.
Another day, another Travis Scott leak. A few days ago, the internet was blessed with “Too Many Chances,” an unreleased and reflective track straight from Scott’s vault. Now, another one has surfaced, a collaboration with The Dream called “Ecstasy.” While some initially questioned the authenticity of the track, it has since been confirmed by Dream himself, via an Instagram post.
While Dream originally captioned the picture with a simple “shifty eye” emoji, he has since updated the message with a bit more information about the track. “When u demo so many u forget, totally forgot about this record, needs to be fixed ASAP,” writes the singer, who clearly possesses a vast collection of demos in his vault. After all, there was a time where The Dream was writing hits for everybody.
Little is known about this mysterious leak; it’s unclear when this track was recorded, or where it was intended to go. The brief track is unmixed, and it doesn’t seem like it would have fit the dark introspection of Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight. Perhaps it was meant for Astroworld, but that doesn’t feel right either – to be honest, it’s hard to tell whether or not Travis is saying actual words, or simply laying down a reference track. Either way, The Dream’s comments do make it seem like the track is older, and more importantly, that it might be worth revisiting. If you’re interested in catching the track, we’re not going to post it here….but it’s out there.

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