Travis Scott Debuts New Face Tattoo

Travis Scott gets some new ink on his face.

There was a point in time when your parents would likely tell you not to get any tattoos because it would ruin your chances of getting a good job etc. Over the past few years, tattoos became much more accepted by society. A lot more rappers, particularly of the “mumble rap” era, have been going all out and inking up their faces as well, sometimes even having more tatts on their faces than their bodies. Travis Scott recently hit his Instagram story to debut the latest ink to his collection.

Travis Scott took to Instagram to debut his brand new tattoo which just happens to sit right underneath his eye. The rapper hit his Story to share the new tatt to his followers. The tattoo simply reads, “free.” Scott’s collection of ink is predominantly on the rest of his body but his does have a few on his face. However, his latest piece is the most noticeable one.

Aside from his latest piece of ink, the rapper’s been hella focused on his highly anticipated follow up to 2016’s Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight. Astroworld is expected to come out this year at some point but he’s yet to reveal a release date for the project. Travis Scott is being booked for a lot of festival dates this summer which might be a sign that the project is on its way soon.

Peep his new ink below.

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