XXXTentacion Calls Those Who Keep Dragging Lil Peep "F**king Weak" Matt F By Matt F January 14, 2018 10:52 7.1K Views

XXXTentacion reacts to the continued Lil Peep hate online.
XXXTentacion, despite being under strict house arrest following his release from prison in December, has been full of hot takes that he continues to publish on social media. Be it about those who he thinks are trying to do him harm or some of his fellow rappers, XXX’s opinion is always a polarizing one in the court of public opinion. Yesterday was no different, as the young Florida native addressed not only Lil Uzi Vert’s comments about signing your music away, but also the continued hate that Lil Peep continues to receive even after his death.
Using his Instagram Stories to share his feelings via a text slide, XXXTentacion didn’t mince his words when he spoke about those who continue to get pleasure out of dragging a rapper who is no longer among the living. “Bruh why the f**k do people feel like its okay to diss Lil Peep,” he asked. “This man passed away and you tryna get clout off dissing a dead person, some people are f**king weak bro.” Prior to that, X also sounded off on Lil Uzi Vert’s recent comments, where he warned artists not to sign to rappers or DJ’s.
“Oh and another, I agree with Uzi,” he said. “If you sign to anyone you better know what the f**k you’re doing.” As we previously reported, Lil Uzi Vert mentioned that it’s better for aspiring artists to seek out a major label as opposed to a couple of the alternatives, since it apparently helps avoid the pitfalls of dealing with “fake” people. Check out XXXTentacion’s Instagram musings in full below.

What do you think? Is XXXTentacion right about Lil Peep’s detractors? What about the Lil Uzi comments? Sound off and have your say.

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