XXXTentacion Is Creating A New "Motivational" Gaming YouTube Channel

XXXTentacion is pursuing another passion.
Since his last appearance in front of a judge, which dealt with the multiple felonies of witness tampering that had been levied against him late last year in regards to his past actions of domestic abuse. He’s since been released from jail and been placed under a strict house arrest, where he’s been wiling away the time doing a number of things, including trying out some new acoustic material. However, few were prepared for the announcement be made today on social media, which made clear his intentions to pursue another passion or two of his.
In a video that he shared via social media, XXX told his followers about his new endeavor: an online gaming channel on YouTube. “Okay guys, so I’m basically gonna be doing my YouTube gaming now,” he said. “And I’m probably going to post a video somewhere today or tomorrow.” As of this writing, no videos were found from this new channel, but they may crop up before the week is out.

The rapper also hinted at his videos being of an inspirational flavor for his fans. He said he plans on passing along some “motivational advice” to all those watching, with the hopes that he’ll be able to impact the community in a positive way in a form other than music. Only time will tell if his videos become as popular as his rap catalog and if it will resonate with his growing fan base, but at the very least, he is focused on using his time away from the spotlight in the most positive way possible.

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