Young Thug Begins Foray Into Fashion Design World

Young Thug looks to expand his name in the fashion world.

Everybody needs to start somewhere. Even when Kanye West attempted to begin a second career as a fashion designer, he was forced to use exorbitant prices in order to cover the production costs of Yeezy sneakers and his Yeezy brand. Now, the label is slowly becoming more and more affordable as Kanye wishes to cater to a larger audience. Similarly to how Kanye had difficulty establishing himself in the fashion world, Young Thug is starting off light in his role as a designer, partnering with an established bag company to release two self-designed backpacks.

Thugger has proven himself to be an icon when it comes to crafting unique outfits and during his role as a model in several fashion shows, including one for Yeezy. As he begins a foray into the harsh, competitive landscape of fashion design, Thugger offers two purple book bags with Sprayground, complete with “No, My Name Is Jeffery” branding. Thug goes for bold colors here, and we wouldn’t expect anything different from him as he constantly proves to be a leading representative of androgynous style choices. The offerings are equally flashy as one recalls classic Bape designs with an embroidered shark mouth and the other with diamonds pictured on the bag.

Sprayground has previously collaborated with Muhammad Ali, with this being Thugger’s first attempt at fashion design. What do you think of his backpacks? Are you planning on copping one or will you pass? Check them out Hear.

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