Cardi B Addresses Twitter Hiatus: “People Are So Negative And Disgusting Here”

Cardi B explains why she did not tweet for a full month.

Social media can often have people wondering why they signed up for the service in the first place. While the communal benefits are clear, there is an abundance of negativity floating around that is bound to catch up to you. When you’re in the public eye, the hostility is heavily amplified as celebrities often choose to neglect their comment sections due to all the hate. Cardi B recently spoke out about her own struggles with negativity online, explaining the reason why she took a break from Twitter.

The “Bodak Yellow” rapper wrote that her month-long Twitter hiatus was prompted by the hate in her mentions, saying, “[The] reason why I took a break from twitter is cause people are so negative and disgusting here.” Although she has been embraced by a mainstream audience, hardcore rap fans have yet to be impressed by her musical efforts. On top of that, Cardi gets a lot of hate simply for being a woman in rap, which has not been fully accepted to this date by fans in the hip-hop community. The hitmaker continued, “I had to log off, to [sic] much negativity is not good for the soul.”

Bardi is back on the medium, reminding her supporters of how hard she is working on her debut album, as well as expressing her displeasure of being so far away from New York. In a separate tweet, Cardi reminded people that while she may consistently get knocked down, she will continue to rise above hate.

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