DJ Khaled Pursues Eminem Collaboration In What Would Be His Biggest Song Ever

“Father of Asahd” may have an Eminem feature if DJ Khaled gets his way.

DJ Khaled is one of the biggest names in music as he has consistently shown an ability to round up plenty of talented artists for dream collaborations on his albums. Khaled’s connections know no bounds as he routinely bags Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Rihanna, Justin Bieber and others on his tracks. Having announced his upcoming Father of Asahd album, which is set to feature the Jay, Bey and Future collaboration “Top Off,” the collection of music could very well include other huge names. In fact, if Khaled gets his way, we may even be seeing the Rap God himself, Eminem, appear on the album.

In an interview with Billboard, Khaled discussed everything from his favorite Jay-Z/Beyoncé collab, his social impact and his gig at the iHeartRadio Music Awards. After speaking on camera with Em at the aforementioned award show, the producer and DJ revealed that he did not have much time to discuss his dreams of collaborating with him. “I finally met him the other day at the iHeart Music Awards, but I didn’t really get a chance to talk to him, talk to him,” disclosed Khaled. The Snapchat savant noted that he is trying to pull off a collab with Marshall Mathers, saying, “I’m friends with his manager and I’m going to reach out to him and I’m going to send him something. Hopefully, he’ll like to get on it. I just want to make sure when I send it, it’s the one.”

Being known for pulling off unexpected pairings with the largest of names in the industry, it would be interesting to hear what an Eminem x DJ Khaled mix would sound like. Read the full interview Hear where Khaled discusses his current tour and his partnership with Get Schooled.

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