Jim Carrey Is A Huge Fan Of Cardi B & Bruno Mars' "Finesse" Remix

“Great song, beautiful memories.”
Although Cardi B has a number of haters and spectators who may still be puzzled by her sudden success and chart-topping singles, there’s a huge number of fans and self-proclaimed members of the Cardi Gang who stand by the rapper.
As her singles continue to spread and take over the charts and twerks of many, her fan base grows to the likes of Canadian comedian Jim Carrey, who had to throw a shoutout to the Cardi and Bruno Mars on their latest collab, “Finesse (remix).”
The Dumb and Dumber actor tweeted at both artists saying, “Great song, beautiful memories. Really gave me a kick. Spank you kindly!” There’s no doubt that the tune has a loveable old-school vibe paired with the colourful video that pays tribute to “In Living Color.”
Cardi’s assist on the single boosted Bruno Mars’ 24K Magic album back in the Top 10 of the Billboard Top 200 chart. Prior to the remix, Bruno’s album was last seated at No. 15 and after the release, it soared to No. 4. The last time Bruno’s 24K Magic was sitting in the top ten was in September and was at its highest spot at No. 2 in December 2016.
Cardi and the Billboard charts are building quite the relationship.

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