Justin Bieber “Worst-Behaved” SNL Guest, Bill Hader & Jay Pharoah Agree


Though Drake has hosted SNL twice now, it was actually another Canadian musician that brought his “Worst Behaviour” (“U” spelling very much intended) to the show. According to former cast member Bill Hader and current cast member Jay Pharoah, there’s no mistaking who was the most difficult person to work with during their tenures on the show.

“We both know, dawg,” said Pharoah, to which Hader confirmed, “Yeah, it was Bieber.” Watch the clip from Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen above.

Bieber was both the host and musical guest in an episode that aired in February 2013. According to Hader, he was “in a bad place.” “Maybe he’s in a better place,” he suggested. “But back then … it was rough.”

As for Kanye West, who has been vocal about his issues with SNL over the years. Jay Pharaoh did have one specific memory of what he deemed a hilarious” situation. “I saw Kanye yank somebody,” he said, indicating that the rapper grabbed someone to “get them in place.”

“Everyone’s usually on great behavior…” said Hader, which is why Bieber, who seemed “exhausted or at the end of a rope,” sticks out in his mind as a special case.

It was recently announced that Cardi B would be serving as the musical guest for an upcoming episode of the show. We’re sure she’ll be more of a good sport.

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