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Lil Pump Got His Crew Chains That Are Worth $350K - Mp3-Music Lil Pump Got His Crew Chains That Are Worth $350K - Mp3-Music

Lil Pump Got His Crew Chains That Are Worth $350K

Lil Pump literally makes his his crew members shine.
Like it or not, Lil Pump is now one of the most recognizable figures in contemporary music culture. Due in large part to the unprecedented success of his single “Gucci Gang,” the Harvard grad has made a name for himself as one of rap’s most controversial figures as well, with social media antics generating nearly as many streams as his music. However, for those who doubt that there is good inside Pump, check out the details from this TMZ report that show just how generous he can be.
According to the gossip outlet, the young emcee gifted his crew some new iced-out bling that didn’t come cheap. The 17-year-old rapper ordered eight chains in all, each one with the phrase “Tha Lights Global” worked into the design. Tha Lights Global is also the name of Pump’s independent label. The pendents all vary in size, ranging from 10 to 30 carats in value. In total, the jewelry haul set Pump back $350,000.
The rapper hit up Elliot Avianne of Avianne & Co Jewelers 2 months ago to place his order for the custom chains, all of which were made in New York City. However, the somewhat surprising revelation from the report is that Pump or one of his representatives still haven’t picked the high-priced items up. It’s also unclear which crew member is going to get what piece, but those details could surface over the next little while.
Lil Pump is now famous enough that he’s got an Saturday Night Live parody to call his own. Pete Davidson and other members of the cast honored veteran character actor Stanley Tucci by spoofing the rapper’s hit song in the short sketch “Tucci Gang.” You can check out the video from that SNL moment here.

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