Lil Wayne & Birdman Seen Hugging It Out & Catching Up

Birdman and Lil Wayne put rumors to doubt with a man-hug.

Strange tidings are afoot. After Birdman swore on his bird honor that Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter 5 would indeed be dropping this year, it seemed genuine. Granted, the album’s history has been rife with delay, deception, and legal drama; still, perhaps a new dawn was on the horizon. After all, Birdman was recently engaged, and perhaps all the romance helped soften his hardened exterior. Perhaps he simply heard Wayne absolutely dominating both Dedications and felt a rush of fatherly pride. Either way, it sort of feels like this might actually be the year that Weezy’s pentalogy reached a conclusion.

While it’s hardly confirmation of any musical wheelings and/or dealings, a recent video from The Shade Room does seem to signify that Birdman and Wayne’s relationship on the mend. While they have doubtless undergone their fair shares of trials and reconciliations, it would appear that they are once again, at the very least, on “hugging terms.” The clip showcases Birdman and Wayne hugging it out like the days of “Stuntin’ Like My Daddy.” They also appeared to exchange a few words, but the conversation was inaudible. While it’s possible the pair were merely picking at old wounds, the embrace did look to stem from a place of love.

Check it out for yourself. It’s entirely possible that Birdman and Weezy are on the cusp of a reconciliation; stranger things have happened, after all. And despite all the drama, they’re still “family.” Hopefully this bodes well, as nobody wins when the family feud.

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