Young M.A. Previews "4 Min. Straight" Freestyle Over Gucci Mane's "I Get The Bag"

“First freestyle of 2018!”
Young M.A’s breakthrough single “OOOUUU” was as much about style as it was about punchlines. With that being said, M.A can just as easily launch into some double-time bars like the pure New York rapper that she is. With a new year ahead of her, M.A. has decided to kick an extensive freestyle over Gucci Mane’s “I Got The Bag,” reminding us all of what she’s capable of as she warms up for a big year.

According to M.A. she went “4 min. straight” on the Metro Boomin beat, but so far, we’ve only heard just under a minute of it thanks to a preview on Twitter.
She starts by riffing on Quavo’s hook: “You get the bag and fumble it / I get the bag and flip it and tumble it / Car came with a slut in it / Then I made the bitch come in it.” From there, she continues to find inventive punchlines while continuing the assonance of the opening bars. “Wake and bake in the oven with it / If it ain’t skunk then I ain’t fuckin’ with it / White cars with the black rims / But the inside peanut butter in it / Still gutter with it / Still red colors with it / Still Bloodin’ for my brother with it / Benz truck, put my mother in it.”
Last April, Young M.A released her EP HerStory. She has yet to release her debut album.
M.A has not revealed when the full “I Got The Bag” freestyle will be released. Judging by her fans’ excitement over the new material, she’d be cruel to hold on to it too much longer.

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